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EVCO Investigations has been serving all of Colorado and specializing in the Northern and Northeastern Colorado areas as well as the Metro Denver area since 2008. We specialize in Covert Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Bug Sweeps (TSCM), Insurance and Workers Comp Fraud investigations. John Morris, the founder of EVCO Investigations and Lead Investigator, is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigator (Colorado PI License PI2-034) with hundreds of field cases under his belt and a proven leader in the Private Investigation field. He is a Senior Member of the PPIAC (Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado) and has over 30 years business experience combined with 10+ years in municipal government experience.

EVCO Investigations utilizes only experts and experienced professional private investigators in every investigation conducted. Given our many years of experience we have compiled a team of advanced experts in every realm of investigations through unique business partnerships, alliances and relationships to aid us in any and all investigations. We pride our self in our ability to work your case with full confidentiality, credibility, in a trustworthy manner. Our clients receive periodic updates throughout the investigation and a full comprehensive investigation report upon completion of the investigation. EVCO's Colorado Private Investigators will provide you with the discreet, professional, and confidential investigator you need.

Whether you are a large corporation, an insurance company or an insurance adjuster, a small business, or just a private individual we at EVCO Investigations are here to help. While we have many specialties we are also a full service Private Investigation Firm. We have detectives that can cover just about any scenario from surveillance to counter surveillance, child custody to cheating spouse investigations, activity checks to asset verifications and more. And if your need is more specialized than what we can handle in house we have access to hundreds of trained, professional expert investigators throughout Colorado, across the United States and around the world. Or strategic partnership alliances world wide become your business partners through our unique relationships as an industry leader in the Private Investigation world.

All detectives with EVCO are required to be Colorado Licensed and Bonded and must pass the state required Jurisprudence Testing Process for Colorado Private Investigators. Not all PI's in Colorado are licensed, and not all could undergo the strict background check requirements of the licensing process. EVCO's founder John Morris carries license number 34 as a Level 2 Private Investigator in the state of Colorado. As a licensed Colorado Private Investigator he requires that all of his operatives are licensed and they must carry the appropriate bonding as requried by the state of Colorado. with this strict requirement it guarantees all of our clients that any investigator working with us has been properly screened and vetted through the FBI, CBI and DORA's rigorous Colorado state process. Rest assured, when you hire us to handle your case, only a fully licensed, trained and insured professional will be heading up the job.

We Guarantee Commitment & Quality

In a world full of promises, guarantees are hard to find. At EVCO Investigations, every job from a standard process serve to an asset verification investigation, or from a child custody surveillance to a full blown criminal defense case whether it is in Fort Collins, Greeley or Loveland we guarantee Commitment and Quality.

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Discretion is our number one priority. Your confidentiality, Security and Reputation is always one of our biggest concerns.

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Don't just hire a private investigator, start a Business Alliance. We value each and every customer as a business partner. Our success relies on your satisfaction.

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