Why Hire a Colorado Private Investigator?

Since I opened my private investigation business in Greeley Colorado, I have discovered that there are many reasons a person may hire a private investigator. There are also many legalities and concerns you should consider in hiring a detective as well. Insurance companies many times hire PI’s to perform surveillance and investigations on personal injury claims or possible fraudulent insurance claims. Sometimes an individual has reason to believe their spouse is cheating and not faithful. A business owner may think there is an internal theft problem and needs covert surveillance and corporate infiltration to uncover what is going on inside the business.

Regardless of the reason there are many legal considerations you should think about as well. Do you have a right to hire someone to perform surveillance? A good situation to consider here is common law relationships where a couple live together however are not legally married. In such a case infidelity may be happening but not criminal in nature and a girlfriend or boyfriend do not necessarily have a legal right to perform surveillance on the other party. The same goes for a divorced couple. Unless children are involved and the belief the children are in danger exists an ex-husband or ex-wife may not have a legal right to hire a PI to perform surveillance. In cases like these harassment and stalking laws could come into play.

Now it is lawful to watch anything and video tape anything in public, however if you have someone being followed and they fear for their lives, or their children’s lives, or other partners life then a law is being broken. Not only can the PI be held responsible but the person or entity that hired him or her will be held liable as well. Professional private investigators in Colorado will tell you this and will steer away from working on domestic cases that do not show a legal right to perform surveillance or an investigation.

So what is legal and moral in hiring a Colorado private investigator? A married couple where one of the parties believes the other party is being unfaithful is a good example where hiring a PI may be the only way to find out the answers for sure. A separated couple where the party without custody of the children believes the other party has a drug and alcohol problem and the kids may be getting abused is another example. A company who believes they have a theft problem or a fraud issue would be an excellent candidate to hire a private investigator and have an investigation conducted.

No matter the reason you should always make sure you hire a professional and competent private investigator in Colorado to work for you. So how do you find a good Colorado private investigator? the answer to that question comes in our next article in this new mini series so keep your eyes open.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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