What should you expect from a Colorado private investigator?

Well, if you have done your homework, and found the PI that is right for your needs, you can expect a lot. First off you should expect professional and courteous service and timely communications from any private investigator. And a fair analysis of your particular situation with an overview of work the PI intends to perform for you.

One thing that can never be stressed too much is the outcome of the case. The outcome may not always be what you expected it to be. There have been cases of infidelity where no evidence was found that the spouse was being unfaithful. As well child custody cases where the evidence found proved the spouse in question to be a good parent. Other times a spouse may be found with a same sex partner, which is not always the easiest thing for the client to take. At times an injury claims case may substantiate the injury from surveillance showing the injured party really is injured. It is very important to make sure when you move forward with hiring a private detective that you may not get the results you desired or expected but you should get the truth. Some times it is difficult to come to any conclusion from the investigation due to lack of evidence.

Your agreement with your private investigator should allow enough time to get the job done. I know in this line of business time is money. Almost all professional private investigators charge on a per hour basis. So, if you only hire a PI for 4 hours, and he recommends 20, you are only giving him a very small window of opportunity to be successful for you. Especially where surveillance is required. Covert surveillance may require private investigators in Colorado to be out early in the morning, way before the subject leaves his or her house. Or may require him to work late into the night or wee morning hours. Allowing the PI ample time to work a case, perform surveillance, do background checks, internet research, interviews and other services that allow him or her to work to the best of their ability for you. Now you are probably asking How much is this going to cost me? Let’s discuss that in our next post, until then, have a great day.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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