Using a Private Investigator to find Birth Parents

There could be any number of reasons why an adopted individual may wish desire to search for their birth parents. Some of the more common ones are obtain family medical information, family traits, or just to understand the circumstances of the adoption process. There has also been a growing interest in adoption parents to find their adopted children form the past. Some information suggests that almost 50% of all adoptive persons will search for their birth parents during their lives.


One could attempt to locate their adoptive parents themselves, however this could be very tedious, time consuming and lead to a lot of dead ends. And then the question arises; What do you do when you find them? Hiring a private investigator may be more costly however if you use an experienced PI the results may be more accurate and quicker with less energy and time spent on your behalf.


Prior to hiring a private investigator though you should ask some questions. One of great importance is “What will you do when you find my birth parents?” Most will say they will make contact with them on your behalf and ask for permission to give their contact information to you. In the industry it is considered highly unethical to give such information to anyone without a legal right; and unfortunately desiring information does not constitute a legal right.


You may also want to inquire as to the private investigators experience and success rate in finding missing people. Many detectives say they do it but have little experience or success in doing so. A good private investigator will have access to high level, law enforcement grade database systems, advanced internet query tools, utility and phone records access, etc. just for finding missing persons, birth parents and adopted children.


In closing please keep in mind that not all cases can be solved. Once an adoption is closed the information is basically sealed. A sealed record cannot be opened without a court order and obtaining such and order is not likely in most cases, unless there is legitimate legal reasons to have it opened. Some records are permanently sealed by courts in cases where the parent may present a danger for life to the child. As well an investigator may put his/her own safety in jeopardy if the case involved drugs, abuse or other serious criminal behaviors.

~ John L. Morris

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