Social Security Number Validator

One of my first stops on many cases is the SSN Validator located at This site will give me vital information on a Social Security Number such as when was it issued, in what state was it issued, is it a valid SSN and a real good stat is a search of death records for that SSN #.


Many times I find myself with a case on my desk where the person of interest appears to be a virtual nobody. Nothing comes up on my database searches; by the way the databases I use are very high end DB’s, some police officers have even stated I have access to more data than they do. At times there is nothing to be found on in depth social network searches, google, yahoo, court records, etc. If I have their SSN then I can go here and see if it is valid or not.


While not damning evidence to be sure the search can lead to valuable information. If I find the number was never issued it could mean the number provided by my sources is inaccurate or that the person may be in the country illegally. If the SSN was issued in 1968 but the subject of the investigation was born in 1985 it could also mean the number is inaccurate, stolen or I am dealing with someone that is in the United States without proper documentation. The same holds true for the death records. If the validator comes back and shows a death record the subject of the investigation may be dead, or it could be a stolen SSN or stolen ID, or other various reasons.


Bottom line for me as a private investigator is that I need to know early in the investigation whether I am dealing with a “real person” or not. If they are under fake documentation, here illegally or committing ID fraud my investigation takes an entirely different path than it would if everything appears on the up and up. While not the end all do all it is definitely a tool to be added to a private investigators toolbox. It is also a great tool for employers to have to validate employee social security numbers.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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