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Private investigator now on missing woman case

The family of a Colorado woman who went missing from a Garden Ridge home Jan. 17 has hired a private detective to supplement police efforts to find her.

“He’s going to start taking a closer look, and perhaps look into different areas,” Will Bearden, the missing woman’s father-in-law, said Monday of investigator Charlie Parker.

Several searches have failed to raise any trace of Leanne Hecht Bearden, 33, who reportedly vanished after leaving for a walk from her in-laws’ Sumac Lane home, where she and husband Josh Bearden were staying.

Parker said his first step is to learn everything he can about Leanne Bearden, who’d recently completed an around-the-world trip with her husband and was preparing to return home to Denver.

“She could have fallen in harm’s way or she could have run away. We just don’t know,” Parker said. “We’ll be checking airports, train stations, bus stations and truck stops.”

Will Bearden said a thorough search by authorities Saturday around his neighborhood has convinced the family that his daughter-in-law is not there.

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Zeta Psi looks into burglary, hires private investigator

~The Daily Orange

Private investigators are now looking into a series of criminal acts against the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, including a burglary committed less than a month after the property was vandalized in December.

On Jan. 17 at 6:30 p.m., several unidentified individuals approached the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, also known as FiJi, located at 727 Comstock Ave. The individuals broke in through the basement and vandalized the house through various acts, including throwing paint. The number of items stolen is currently unknown, but the act was a “definite break-in and definite vandalism,” said Bill Sokol, vice president of the Syracuse University Association of Zeta Psi, which owns the property. The Department of Public Safety responded to the scene.

The house has seen at least four incidents of vandalism since it changed hands on Aug. 1 from being leased by Sigma Alpha Mu to FiJi, Sokol said. Last March, FiJi signed a three-year lease agreement to live in the house. Zeta Psi rented the house to Sigma Alpha Mu starting in 2007.

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Private Investigator Inspects ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ Oscar Nomination, Academy Denies Other Songs Were Snubbed

~ Design & Trend

An angry songwriter has hired a private investigator to determine why the song “Alone Yet Not Alone”  received an Oscar nomination while his/her song did not.

The anonymous songwriter believes that “Alone Yet Not Alone,” which is the title song for the movie of the same name, did not meet the advertising conditions that are required to receive a nomination, THR reported.

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Eugène François Vidocq: The First Private InvestigatorThe story of the world’s first private investigator — a former criminal who used his street savvy and underworld network to pioneer the science of criminology
The modern art of private investigation is an impressive mix of human savvy and up-to-the-minute technology.
Fraudulent insurance claimants, misbehaving domestic partners, and missing witnesses can be tracked down and photographed, videoed, or recorded quicker than ever before, and the results of such cohesion between man and machine have helped solve countless disputes and saved a fortune in unnecessary pay-outs…

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