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Private investigator charged in connection with Irish boy’s rescue

The private investigator who helped an Irish father trace his son in Zambia, has been charged with assisting a child abduction and released on bail.

 Cork father Richard Quarry undertook an epic seven-week trip to rescue his son Ethan (7) earlier this month, and triumphantly brought him home on Saturday.

In Zambia, he employed a private eye to help him to locate Ethan, and once Richard and Ethan were reunited, they made their way straight for the Zimbabwean border.

This morning Richard revealed that the PI has been charged with assisting in a child abduction.

“He was arrested and charged for assisting with a child kidnapping. He was released on bond. So now it’s a wait-and-see situation,” he told

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District Attorney’s Office received more than $70,000 in cash – private investigator accused of setting up a scheme

LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) — A federal judge has agreed to delay the trial of a Lafayette private investigator accused of setting up a scheme to bribe 15th Judicial District Attorney’s Office employees for favorable treatment for DWI defendants.

The Advocate reports ( ) Robert Williamson was set to go to trial in March, but U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Foote delayed it to Aug. 18, citing concerns from Williamson’s defense attorney about the volume of evidence that needs to be reviewed in the case.

Foote already had granted a prior delay in the case, moving the trial from its original date in December until March to give Williamson time to seek medical care.

Williamson’s attorney, Thomas Damico, filed court papers Monday arguing that a second delay was needed to give him more time to review evidence that includes 136 surveillance tapes of Williamson and others and 400 interviews of 224 potential witnesses.

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San Diego city attorney pays for private investigator to conduct surveillance on sexual assault victim


SAN DIEGO – The city of San Diego paid for a private investigator to track, record and document the daily activities of a sexual assault victim. The victim has sued the city over a sexual assault suffered at the hands of an on-duty San Diego police officer.

“They have private detectives following me around, videotaping myself, my family, my friends, my co-workers,” said the woman, only known to the public as Jane Doe.The video shows Doe pumping gas, ordering coffee and socializing with family and friends.Doe’s lawyers provided the surveillance video to Team 10. They said it was revealed in the discovery process of Doe’s civil suit against the city.

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Veteran Private Investigator Goes on Trial


Officer Damon Jackson spotted Ladarius Greer in the Tenderloin, near Turk and Mason, on Oct. 9, 2009. Cops knew Greer as a member of the Western Addition Page Street Gang, and knew that there was a no-bail warrant for his arrest out of Solano County. After confirming the warrant, Jackson — a member of the San Francisco Police Department’s Gang Task Force — approached Greer, cuffed him, and drove him to police headquarters at 850 Bryant St. Greer didn’t know it then, but he was about to become a key player in an unusual battle between law enforcement and a veteran private investigator.

It started on Easter Sunday 2009, when a rival gang member shot Greer several times at a bus stop on McAllister and Fillmore. A day later, while recovering in the hospital, Greer told Jackson that the person who shot him was a 19-year-old named Phil Pitney. Jackson taped that conversation with a recorder hidden in his jeans, and a couple of days later, he arrested Pitney, who was charged with attempted murder.

The prosecution wanted Jackson to serve a subpoena on Greer as a witness to testify against the man who tried to kill him. But when Jackson caught up with Greer in the Tenderloin that October, Greer told the officers that Pitney’s defense investigator had been harassing him. Steve Vender, a 58-year-old private investigator, kept calling and leaving messages, he said. Greer even played one for the cops.

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January API Podcast


January API Podcast
This month’s American Private Investigator podcast is up. Check it out here.

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