PI’s Under Investigation – Private Investigators Run Over – Harassing Detectives

Private investigator under investigation

A private investigator who has worked in the background, helping several criminal defense attorneys defend their clients, is now facing serious allegations from the San Diego District Attorney.

Investigators from the D.A.’s Special Operations Division swarmed the El Cajon home of Marie Little early Thursday morning…… The warrant, approved by a Superior Court Judge, indicates Little is being investigated for conspiracy to commit a number of crimes, including possession of a controlled substance for sale, furnishing drugs to an inmate, and furnishing cellphones to inmates.

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Private investigator serving papers run down, driver charged

A Charlotte man ran over a private investigator with a car when the investigator tried to serve court papers on him, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Reed Russell Poole, 44, of Royal Oak Road in Charlotte, was arrested this week and charged with attempted murder and placed in the York County detention center.

Deputies responded to a hit-and-run at Cracker Barrel along Carowinds Boulevard in Fort Mill about 7:20 a.m. They found the victim sitting on the curb with multiple cuts, scrapes and scratches on his body, according to a sheriff’s report. His left leg was bruised, and his knee was swollen and bleeding.

The victim said he was a private investigator and was trying to serve a notice of hearing on a domestic violence protection order on Poole, the report states. He told deputies he was following Poole when Poole pulled into the Cracker Barrel lot and got out of his car to serve the papers.


Businessman hired private investigator to ‘harass’ former employee

A businessman allegedly hired a private investigator to “harass” and “intimidate” a former employee, whom he accused of being a Nazi sympathiser, to pressure her into dropping legal action against him.

On the first day of the Employment Court case in Nelson, Mia Nelson gave evidence against her former boss Tony Katavich, the owner of United States-registered publishing company Haldeman LLC.

The company runs websites that claim to help people get jobs in the Australian mining and oil industries; adopt a child; or start a radio station.


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