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PI’s Undercover Surveillance Investigation leads to a larceny arrest – Almonds & Change allegedly the topic of theft!

~ Charlston City Paper

An employee at a West Ashley car dealership is accused of stealing credit card information from customers after a private investigator busted him with hidden cameras, a Crown Royal bag full of pocket change, and a stash of almonds in a glove compartment, according to a police incident report.

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Private investigator links Kortne Stouffer disappearance to 18 other cases

~Fox 43

According to Pennlive, a private investigator in Florida has linked the disappearance and murders of up to eighteen women together, and it includes Palmyra resident Kortne Stouffer.

Stouffer disappeared from her apartment in the early morning hours of July 29, 2012.

Bill Warner says Stouffer fits the same profile of the other 18 women who disappeared from Kentucky and other surrounding states. They are all petite, and have long, blonde hair.

Private Investigator To Run For Ontario Co. Sheriff

~Rochester News 8

A private investigator who helped break open a murder case in Ontario County says he plans to run for sheriff.

Rodney Miller turned up evidence that prosecutors used to convict Rose Chase on murder in the death of her missing husband Adam.

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Hiring a Private Investigator? Buyer beware! Due Diligence a Must in Costa Rica..

Caveat Emptor:  Latin for “let the buyer beware.” The basic premise that the buyer buys at his/her own risk and therefore should examine and test a product himself/herself for obvious defects and imperfections.  No less scrutiny should be given when obtaining services, especially if you are relying on the internet to provide you potential service providers.

Hiring a private investigator anywhere should be done with the same caution as hiring a lawyer. Many of the services provided by private investigators are sensitive in nature and demand that whoever you hire adheres to the highest ethical standards and is in fact who they hold themselves out to be. The last thing you need is to place your trust in some inept, unreliable, inexperienced and dishonest private investigator who is not what they represent themselves to be.

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5 Marketing Strategies Investigators Can Master by Thinking Like a Dominatrix
cropped from orig. photo by Alan Schoolar
A New York private investigator shares 5 marketing strategies he learned by “researching” dominatrix websites…all in the line of work, of course.
First, let me first say that I know next to nothing about the dominatrix world.
I’ve never been inside a dominatrix’s dungeon…

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Lori Saine isn’t about to let last year’s gun control laws take a back seat to new legislation in 2014. The Republican state representative from Firestone said last year’s laws passed by the Democratic majority in the House and Senate limiting magazine capacity to 15 rounds and requiring background checks for sales and transfers of firearms are not only violating Second Amendment rights, but also have taken away jobs from her district…

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