Mobile Surveillance – One Investigators View Point – Heavy Traffic Conditions

Ok now we are talking fun right? Everybody loves rush hour and the Private Investigator conducting a mobile surveillance investigation loves it even more. This is one of the most dangerous situations for conducting mobile surveillance. It only takes one car to get in between you and your subject and the game is over before it ever got started. That one gal that you just let pull over form the left lane in front of you now has to pass that favor on, then the next one does the same and the next and the next, suddenly you have travelled .4 miles in 10 minutes and you now have a half of a dozen vehicles between you and your subject and worst of all you have no visual contact.
What happens when the traffic jam suddenly clears up, how do you find your target? Well, when I first started this I had the bad habit of often making illegal and aggressive maneuvers in an attempt to regain my visual contact during my investigation. I highly recommend no one do these type of things. No case is worth anyone getting hurt no matter what.
My best tactic now is to just stay right behind the subject vehicle. “Yea Right” I can already hear my peers heckling me. But wait, think about it, it is rush hour who notices anything in rush hour. It’s not 2:30 PM on a Sunday afternoon, it’s not 11:00 PM on an open highway in the dark, IT’S RUSH HOUR. Chances are if you get made while following your subject in rush hour on his tail, you were made long before you ever got into rush hour. Stick it out stay behind him, and when traffic lightens up or he gets on another road, go back to your regular procedures for mobile surveillance.
One other option I use when I know the only time I will get to follow my subject is during rush hour is to utilize a second investigator. A two man PI team during this situation allows you to try to swap who is behind him from time to time. It also allows you to keep one investigator in the lane to the subject’s right so an exit off of a highway or sudden turn can be conducted allowing one investigator to let the other investigator over and then the pursuit can ensue.

Our next, and final part, for “Mobile Surveillance – One Investigators View Point – A Mini Series of Sorts” is on one of the most dangerous scenarios that any private Investigator can run into with mobile surveillance. We will be looking at the “Lead Foot” driver the guy that has to go 10, 15, 20 or more mph over the speed limit. How do we deal with this type of situation safely.

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