Judge Grants State-Paid Private Investigator “to effectively represent the Defendant”

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Charges dropped against Mass private investigator allegedly working in Maine without license

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ROCKLAND, Maine — A case in which the state claimed an out-of-state private investigator was doing work in Maine without a license, and which took nearly three years to go to court, ended Tuesday morning as the jury was waiting to enter the courtroom.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm ruled that the state law being cited by the district attorney’s office in charging Joshua A. Gray, 36, of Winchendon, Mass., was the wrong statute.

Hjelm ruled that because the case had reached the point of a jury being selected for the nearly three-year-old misdemeanor case, the state would not be allowed to refile the charge under the correct law.

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Judge Grants State-Paid Private Investigator “to effectively represent the Defendant


OTTUMWA – The Defense team for Seth Techel, Attorneys Jake Feuerhelm and Roger Owens, have filed paperwork for a State-paid private detective. The detective’s name was not mentioned in the Court documents, but the retainer fee was listed at $4,000.00.

Why would Techel need a private investigator, nearly two years after his wife and unborn child were murdered? The document cites a few reasons that the Defense has requested the additional help.

”Due to the nature of the crime charged herein, the number of witnesses, and the amount of investigation necessary to effectively represent the Defendant, a private investigator is necessary.”

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Investigating Workplace Violence

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Workplace violence is complex and multidimensional. The threat may come from either inside or outside its walls. It could be in an office, a school or a warehouse. Approaches crafted to address violence prevention therefore require an active and creative multidisciplinary approach. An expert on threat assessment and author of several books on workplace investigations is Private Investigator Eugene Ferraro…

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