John Morris – A Licensed Professional Private Investigator

Welcome, My name is John Morris; I am the principal owner of EVCO Investigations; and a licensed Professional Investigator with thousands of hours of field investigations under my belt. I carry Colorado PI-License #2-034, being the 34th individual within the state of Colorado to receive his Private Investigators license.

As a businessman, with over 35 years experience managing businesses, my primary focus for EVCO Investigations is to provide professional investigation services to our clients. While we specialize in surveillance and injury claim investigations we also offer many other beneficial services; many times required to complete our primary mission; such as Missing Person Locates, Skiptracing, Background checks, TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) and Bug Sweeps.

EVCO Investigations is staffed only by professional licensed and veteran investigators that have proven track records in surveillance, counter surveillance, injury claim and field investigations. While other firms hire apprentice PI’s we employ only the best in contract and regular employee professional investigators. Our affiliations with local, state, national and international associates and firms affords us premier investigators to be at our disposal.

I would personally like to thank you for viewing our website, our newsletter and considering us for your professional investigative needs.


John L. Morris

Owner / President EVCO Investigations

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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