Investigating Private Investigators – Subway Rejects PI’s Request – Dismissive Judge & PI don’t see eye to eye

Colorado’s private investigators can be investigated

Colorado residents now have the ability to investigate their private investigators. All individuals in Colorado doing business as private investigators now must be licensed by the state through the Private Investigators Licensure Act, which was singed into law last year. A portion of the license program requires the PI to pass a jurisprudence exam which demonstrates his/her knowledge of the laws and rules applicable to Colorado Private Investigators. They also must be fingerprinted and undergo a state and national criminal history record check.

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Judge dismisses protection order against PI

A private investigator said he no longer will work with defense attorneys on court-appointed criminal cases even though a District Court judge Wednesday dismissed a temporary protection from harassment order and refused to impose a permanent order against him.

Victor Kraft, 59, of Bangor said after the hearing before District Court Judge Bruce Jordan at the Penobscot Judicial Center that the he has “lost faith in the legal system.”

The private investigator said that he could not work for a system that allowed a judge to sign the temporary order against someone who has worked for the court system.

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Private investigators denied surveillance footage

On Thursday, two private investigators went knocking on business doors trying to get their hands on any other surveillance video that may be available.

“After speaking with the owner Nick, he clearly indicated that after speaking with the police officers, Bakersfield Police Department took the DVR. “When I asked if he saw what it was showing he replied, Yes he did. But when I asked, ‘Can you tell us what did it show,’ he said he’d rather not,” said U.S.A. Legal Investigative Services, Harry Kazakian.

These investigators are working for the Los Angeles law firm Geragos & Geragos, who are representing the Alderman family.

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