Infographic: The Reach of NSA’s Global Surveillance + MORE

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There’s been lots of media coverage lately about the NSA’s secret surveillance programs; but the more you read, the murkier it all seems.
What’s most confusing about the spate of news stories is that no one seems to know exactly what kinds of information the NSA is gathering, or what they’re doing with it…

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 image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user “Szater”
Investigators: You may not have a “spirit animal” or know much about rodentology, but the best investigators I know are experts at “ferreting out” needed information.
As it happens, the analogy to this lithe, highly intelligent carnivorous mini-weasel is particularly apt when it comes to professional digital forensics and to ensuring the capture, ongoing collection, and presentation of relevant in-depth social network data…

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As more women rise to positions of power in the workforce, they also gain access to funds…and more opportunities to commit financial crimes.
A growing number of them are succumbing to temptation.You may have heard of white-collar criminals Bernie Madoff and Leona Helmsley, but you most likely don’t know them personally…

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