How to Conduct Proper and Effective Workplace Investigations

Corporate Investigations Training

March 21, 2014 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Workplace investigations are complex affairs. They typically involve the convergence of many disciplines and an assortment of uncommon skills. More often than not, the investigator must have a comprehensive understanding of criminal, civil and employment law. They also require a considerable investment of time, money and patience from the employer or client. Then finally, to ensure success, the process must be highly structured and flawlessly executed. Even the most sophisticated organization can find the task consistently challenging. Few activities invoke so much risk and, at the same time, yield so much opportunity. Unnecessary and costly litigation is the biggest threat to business today. Discover how to reduce the risk of litigation by conducting defensible, cost-effective internal investigations.
Learn to:
• Organize and conduct a proper and effective investigation
• Choose the right tools and appropriate investigative methods
• Avoid unnecessary claims and expensive litigation
• Use your investigative results both ethically and legally
Ignorance is not bliss
—internal investigations are an important management tool necessary in today’s business climate and are routinely conducted by organizations of every size. Though the objectives, and certainly the scope, of these undertakings vary widely, their principle purpose is that of unbiased fact-finding that leads to objective results.
Only a quality investigation can withstand scrutiny. Carefully examine the methods,tools, and legal limitations of modern fact-finding in today’s workplace. Learn how to use the Process of Investigation ®and conduct fast, proper, and cost-effective internal investigations. Discover how to use force multipliers when conducting your investigations and obtain the highest possible return on investment from every undertaking. The secret tips and traps that often make the difference between a successful investigation and a catastrophic one will be revealed.
Don’t miss this opportunity to master the intricacies of conducting a flawless investigation. What you don’t know CAN hurt you!
•Learn the latest techniques, methods, and processes.
•Strengthen your interview and interrogation skills and learn the new I2M interview method
•Gain valuable insight into the process of modern fact-finding.
•Discover how to build air-tight cases.
•Learn how to conduct fast, efficient investigations.
•Obtain the highest possible ROI.
•Receive forms, checklists, and other valuable tools.
•Learn how to sell investigative services and sell workplace investigations to employers.
•Build relationships and share experiences with others who conduct internal investigations.
•Corporate investigators and support personnel
•Security and loss prevention managers
•Private investigators
•Fraud examiners

•Risk managers
•HR professionals
•Attorneys representing employers
•Anyone having to conduct workplace investigations
Program Overview – The Process of Investigation
Explore significant trends in workplace crime and investigations and examine the different elements of a successful investigation. Identify the six methods and seven phases of an investigation and see how they are used.
Fundamentals of Fact-finding – Examine the attributes of a successful fact-finder and learn how to document, catalog, and properly report findings. Review proper methods of evidence handling and management.
Methods of Investigation – Closely examine the six methods of investigation and learn how they are best used. Discover the four elements of a proper investigatory interview. Learn how to overcome denials and obtain powerful written admissions.
Project Management and Case Development – Examine the role of the project team and each member’s responsibility. Discuss investigative ethics and how they drive the process. Learn how to properly take notes and write professional reports.
Applied Strategies – Explore the different types and classifications of workplace misconduct. Discuss modern prevention and intervention strategies relative to issues such as workplace violence and substance abuse. Participate in several case studies that will explore current investigative best practices and how they are used.
Corporate Investigations Training

March 21, 2014 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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