How much does it cost to hire private investigators in Colorado?

The costs for a Colorado private investigator vary as greatly as the areas of expertise and regions of work vary in the private investigation field. A professional Colorado private investigator will not just quote a per hour price to you and leave it at that. Here at EVCO Investigations we want to assess your situation and get an idea and a feel for the project we may take on for you, our client. Thus we offer a free consultation in person, on the phone or even electronically. We will gather all of the information we need then present you with a proposed contract and scope of the job that includes total hours we anticipate working, expenses that may be incurred, our hourly fee for a particular service and our retainer requirements. Once you have approved and signed the contract we can begin working on your case.

You should expect these things from private investigators in Greeley, Fort Collins, Denver or anywhere in Colorado

– A FREE consultation. Any firm asking for a fee just to consult with you should be steered away from. This may be a firm that does little investigation work and makes a living off collecting up front fees.

– A summary that accounts what work will be performed. This cannot be too detailed as many times we don’t know what exactly will need to happen until we really dig into the job. But a good firm should be able to tell you that some surveillance may be required, if the subject goes out to eat there may be some costs for a meal so the investigator can follow the subject into a restaurant, mileage will occur and what it costs, a background check will be performed and at what cost etc. Any company not willing or able to do this is “Flying by the seat of their pants” and should be steered away from. If they “Fly by the seat of their pants” in your initial consultation what will they do in the field. Remember you could be as legally responsible for their actions in the field as they are. After all you hired them! Make sure you know what they plan to do.

– A contract with the fees outlined that contains a way to terminate the contract, as well a retainer for services defined. Now what is a retainer? This is a lump sum of money put up front to cover the initial costs, or some times the entire costs. It will generally cover all anticipated hourly fees plus any large one-time fees that are anticipated. Look at it like a down payment for services from your investigator. This money is held in escrow to pay for services as they accrue. If there is more money than services rendered you will get that amount refunded. If the services performed exceed the retainer than the firm should come back to you with a further estimate and then either retain more funds or an agreement for payment in full once the services are performed. Many times the retainer covers the basic labor costs, and all incidental costs such as mileage, meals, tolls, etc.

If your Colorado private investigator does not ask for a retainer you should question their integrity. This is an industry standard technique. Attorneys use it, PI’s use it, accounting firms use it, anyone giving legal information or advice or providing legal services requires a retainer. You should question any private investigator if he or she does not work on retainer. So, yea, bottom line what is it going to cost? Let’s get more into details of cost in our next post.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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