How Far Can A PI (Private Investigator) Go? This story and more!

Eyes on the spies: how far can private investigators go? – A DOWNunder look at the Private Detectives profesion in Australia.

For all their snooping into other people’s business, most PIs are loath to have someone snooping around them. I’m told by one (who won’t give me his name) that I’ll be lucky to find anyone who’ll give me the time of day. Why? “The nature of the industry,” he says, evasively. I call another in Perth. He says he can’t talk. Why? “Legal reasons.” What legal reasons? He hangs up. Desperate, I reach for the phone book and call a private investigations company with the most respectable sounding name I can find, but the weary voice down the line from “Flingbusters” refuses to help.

Unlike Twitter, private investigators don’t send you alerts to let you know you’re being ­followed. If you’ve ever been off work due to an injury, or received compensation for a road accident, chances are you’ve been followed by one. So how far are PIs allowed to go in their covert surveillance of your life?

Actually, they have no more powers than you or me. They are not privileged to any information not legally obtainable by the public. Neither are they required to undertake professional development or show any real evidence of their competency. In fact, for around $1000 you could become a licensed private investigator in a couple of days. Simply complete a short course, take your certificate to the state police and receive your license.

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 District Attorney sued by Private Investigator!

St. Lawrence County District Attorney Mary E. Rain is being sued for $1,800 by a Canton private investigator who claims she failed to pay him for services rendered while she was a defense attorney in private practice….

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Private Investigator found guilty of violating laws protecting personal privacy.

“I DO not understand…..” declared the private detective working as a corporate investigator in China. This was his declaration to the court on August 8th when confronted with evidence of alleged wrongdoing. In the end, he and his wife, who is also his business partner, were found guilty of violating laws protecting personal privacy. Mr Humphrey was jailed for two-and-a-half years; his wife, for two.

The verdict did not come as a surprise. Even so it sent chills down the spines of investigators carrying out due diligence on prospective business partners. Life was never easy for such folk, given that information on such basic things as credit history and asset ownership is hard to verify in China. Now it will get harder still.

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