How do you find a private investigator in Colorado?

Finding a Greeley private investigators or a Colorado PI is easy, finding a professional and competent private investigator is not so easy. You may have already conducted internet or phone book searches and found dozens of firms in your area as well as national and international private investigation firms. But which one fits your needs? What do they cost? Are they really as good as they say?

The first thing to consider is this. What do they specialize in and what are your needs? If you are looking for a detective to work a domestic case for you because you believe your spouse is cheating then hiring a firm that specializes in International Corporate Infiltration may not be a good idea even if they do list domestic cases as a service. One of the problems with many “fly by night” PI firms is they try to do it all and they don’t just stick with their specialties. How many firms have you seen that list 20+ investigative specialties? Are they really specialties if they do it all?

At EVCO Investigations we specialize in

Covert Stationary and Mobile Surveillance. We have the equipment, training and expertise to get the job done. With this as one of our primary specialties we can then offer focused investigations in areas such as workers comp & insurance fraud investigations, as well as investigations into child custody, infidelity and marital matters, difficult process serves, asset location and verification, skip tracing, person locates, witness interviews and accident investigations.

As you will notice all these investigative services are performed in the routine working of a case within our specialty areas. If you notice we do not have a huge smorgasbord list of specialty areas. Chances are if you need a Greeley Colorado private investigator we can either help you or point you in the right direction to find other private investigators in Colorado that can help you. So don’t fall into the trap of “One Stop Shopping” when it comes to hiring a professional investigator. After all that is what you want, a professional Colorado private investigator, not just any PI. Your next question might be What should you expect from a Colorado private investigator? We will discuss that in detail in our next post.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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