Hiring a Private Investigator for cheating spouse / infidelity investigations

So, you suspect your husband or wife may be cheating. There are the little signs of a cheating spouse.

–    Coming home late from work

–    Spending hours on the phone

–    Won’t let you near their phone, laptop or ipad

–    Getting phone calls then needing “run to the store real quick”

–    Frequent trips to the gym

–    New clothing and wardrobe

Now, you see your marriage falling apart right before your very eyes – and you have no one to turn to, and no idea what to do next.

While it is true that all these “signs” could be red flags for infidelity, they definitely are not hard evidence. Chances are if you confront your spouse with any of these suspicions you will only get denial. In fact you may just get simple excuses; I want to look good for you that is why I go to the gym, my long phone conversations are about work, I need new clothes for the job, etc.

Fortunately, there is another way to catch a cheating spouse……

Hire a Private Investigator

First off, a private investigator is simply better at catching the wrong doings of people, including cheating wives and cheating husbands, than anyone else. PI’s also have the necessary investigative training and licenses that allow them to engage in legal surveillance allowing them to gather the needed evidence of infidelity.

Keep in mind that it wouldn’t be prudent nor safe for you to conduct drive by surveillances on your spouse, or follow him/her around for hours on end. In fact, in some situations, this can be considered illegal as it may be construed as stalking. You also cannot do things such as use a gps on their vehicle, place covert audio or video recording devices that might record their conversations or activities, etc. Not only does activity like this make it easy for them to find out about your investigation it is also illegal and could land you in jail.

A private detective should begin with taking the necessary steps towards protecting you, their client. Let’s face the facts, very few marriages survive an affair. If you’re considering a divorce or separation based on the discovery of evidence proving cheating, then hiring your own licensed and insured investigator will help improve your odds of coming out ahead during the divorce, alimony and child custody hearings by gathering the right evidence, and building a case against your spouse. A PI may even be called to testify on your behalf as an expert witness.

Another plus to hiring a private eye is for the benefit and welfare of your children. It is never a good thing when children are forced to experience the dirty messes involved in divorce. By hiring a PI, you can avoid much of the ugly fighting and all of the drama in front of your children.

In addition, you may also want to hire a private investigator just for the sole purpose of gaining peace of mind. You may decide that you don’t want a separation, rather marriage counseling will help. Private Investigator’s do this for a living and experience the unfortunate side effects of cheating on a first hand basis. They know that divorce is not the only option and that there are many couples that come out on top, staying together and working through this tough time in their lives

A PI can support you throughout investigation and can provide you with information on the options that are available to you and your spouse.

Private detectives have a multitude of methods to conduct their investigations. Depending on the evidence and information made available to them these methods can vary greatly. Some things a PI do in order help you catch a cheating spouse include

 Search of Assets – Affairs are typically expensive endeavors and as such they generally leave a cash trail. If your spouse is having an affair, they must be paying for it somehow a private investigator should be able to help you find out how. A good PI can uncover hidden assets, find out if your spouse is using credit cards or making cash payments for clothing, jewelry or dinners that you don’t know about. A good PI can conduct surveillance (as in, seeing when an individual goes shopping, visits ATMS, etc.) to uncover these type of activities and document them thoroughly, and can conduct a comprehensive asset investigation, which will help uncover hidden assets. All evidence of this nature can help confirm your spouse’s infidelity.

 Run a Background Check – Your spouse may have been untruthful to you prior to marriage. Either about the circumstances surrounding their past, a previous divorce or about being legally divorced in the first place. Many individuals who cheat on their wife or husband have a pattern of similar behavior. If your spouse cheated in his or her earlier marriages and lied about it to you, a private investigator can uncover this important evidence.

Covert Surveillance – As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” BUT video tells the whole story! Surveillance Detectives can confirm infidelity by monitoring your spouse’s activities and taking video and pictures of their activities and the people they meet. In some cases hidden cameras can be deployed legally that can catch your partner right in the act. In today’s world the definition of cheating varies from person to person – some consider visiting a strip club or watching porn an act of infidelity, while others do not. Others simply consider the fact of meeting with another individual for emotional companionship worse. Private investigators can be objective third parties and ensure the investigation is tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Conducting surveillance isn’t as easy as some people may think. Most people will pick up a tail within a few hours and there are varying legal statutes that place limits on a private investigators ability to surveil and gather evidence. There are a multitude of different laws that PIs can’t break without losing their licenses and risk going to jail or being sued. A professional investigator is able to avoid these mistakes by knowing the law and utilizing high-tech surveillance equipment that allows them to monitor their targets from a distance.

Computer and Internet Activity – Email and social site messages can reveal a lot of evidence, and so can a computers history, when it comes to cheating spouses. Web history on a computer will reveal many different websites your spouse has viewed recently, and email can offer insight into their communications. At times a spouse may try to hide this evidence of infidelity by deleting emails and emptying the computer history and cache. However, there are ways of recovering such data and locked information, and a private investigator can help you with this if it is needed.

Finding the Right Investigator – Obviously the only way to obtain reliable and accurate information about a potentially-cheating spouse is to hire the right investigator. Before you make a decision in this matter you should confirm whether the private investigator is licensed to practice in your area. As well make sure they are insured or bonded for your protection and theirs. If your divorce ends up in the courtroom, your spouse’s attorney will attempt to discredit the evidence that you “discover” during surveillance. And if your PI has no license this will be an easy task.

Unless you have the right evidence backing up your suspicions of infidelity, proving it will be difficult in court. Many times that proof makes the difference between who gets custody of the children, how much alimony will be paid, and who gets what property in the final settlement. If your spouse becomes suspicious it will become that much more difficult to observe his or her activity, making it even harder for the affair to be revealed. A private investigator can help you handle the enormous flood of emotions you will have by giving you peace, closure and the evidence you need to move forward with your life.


~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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