Heartache, Heartburn, Heart to Heart & HEARTBLEED

Private Investigators free tips to find out if you have been affected by Heartbleed

As a Colorado Private Investigator I deal with heartache, heartburn and heart to heart discussions on a regular basis. But dealing with Heartbleed is new to this PI. We have the ability to conduct many types of investigations and that includes Forensic Digital and Electronic Investigations.

Many times I get calls from clients wanting information on bug sweeps and counter surveillance measures including checking their computers, tablets, ipads and smart phones. These type of Electronic Forensic Sweeps can get quite costly, many times running over $1,000.00 a device. The time to conduct these investigations is extensive, the equipment is very costly, and a great deal of training goes into it. In most cases the device has to be sent into a lab as well which adds even more time. In most cases it is less expensive to replace the device or computer than to have it checked for bugs. Unless such suspicions as corporate espionage, internal leaks, etc. are suspected replaced is many times the cheaper alternative.

A newer threat to all of us comes in the way of Spyware, Malware and now these online security flaws such as Heartbleed. This latest attack doesn’t even affect, effect or infect your systems or devices. It is out there on the servers you use, gathering your confidential data, and compromising your life. It has been reported that Heartbleed has affected over 67% of the users on the internet to date.

Here are some less costly, in fact FREE, ways for you to conduct your own investigation on your accounts and see if you have been directly affected. Below are 3 websites that check your email address across multiple databases to see if it has been included from the Heartbleed attack. I was so pleased to find these and find that none of our email addresses had been affected. These are safe, all you do is put in your email address, no passwords, no account to set up, or anything intrusive. If you want you can sign up for free alerts with them as well.

Hopefully these help some folks out there, and save some folks a few dollars. I have seen Private Detective sites running “Specials” to check your email security against Heartbleed and all they do is run them on these sites, and of course charge you a mere $99, for what they got for free. Here are the sites


Enjoy, be safe, and have a great day.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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