Corporate Investigations Training

How to Conduct Proper and Effective Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are complex affairs. They typically involve the convergence of many disciplines and an assortment of uncommon skills. More often than not, the investigator must have a comprehensive understanding of criminal, civil and employment law. They also require a considerable investment of time, money and patience from the employer or client. Then finally, to ensure success, the process must be highly structured and flawlessly executed. Even the most sophisticated organization can find the task consistently challenging. Few activities invoke so much risk and, at the same time, yield so much opportunity.


  • Corporate investigators and support personnel
  • Security and loss prevention managers
  • Private investigators
  • Fraud examiners
  • Risk managers
  • HR professionals
  • Attorneys representing employers
  • Anyone having to conduct workplace investigations


Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, CFE, PCI  Program Advisor


Business Controls, Inc.

Greenwood Village, Colorado

Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, CFE, SPHR, PCI

Mr. Ferraro has been a corporate investigator and ethics officer for over 30 years. Specializing in the investigation of workplace dishonesty, fraud, violence, harassment, discrimination, employee substance abuse, and criminal activity in the workplace, he has conducted thousands of investigations for employers (public and private) throughout the World. He has been a member of ASIS International since 1987 and currently serves as the program advisor for the Professional Certified Investigator Review course. He serves as a member of the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Commission and is a faculty member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He is Board Certified in both, Security Management (CPP designation) and Human Resources Management (SPHR designation). He has written numerous articles on the topic of ethics, fraud and investigations for Security Management magazine and is a frequent book critic for the magazine. He is also a longtime member of the PPIAC and a former board member. Mr. Ferraro is also the author of nine books of which Investigations in the Workplace, Second Edition (2012), is his most recent. It may be found wherever quality books are sold.

$99 – PPIAC Members

$125 – Non-Members

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Corporate Investigations Training

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