Colorado Private Investigator Licensure Program

On May 03, 2013 SB-13-259 was killed in the final House committee during the last days of legislation for this year. To recap, Colorado had a voluntary licensing program for private investigators that started last year. Due to an overwhelming amount of investigators that stated they would license under this system, and the fact that fewer than 70, of a possible estimated 400-600 private investigators in Colorado, actually did get licenses, the system appeared to be doomed for demise.

In an attempt ensure consumer protection, in this ever growing field of private detectives in the state, the PPIAC (Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado) initiated an attempt to bring mandatory licensing to Colorado. The primary reason for licensing is not to stifle the industry, it is not to eliminate competition, it is indeed to ensure that the consumer gets protected. I, along with many other individuals have heard the horror stories of countless victims of PI abuse over the years.

Such a bill like this would simply have made it mandatory, for anyone in Colorado working as a PI, to be fingerprinted, have an FBI and a CBI background, and require some form of testing to ensure they understand the laws that apply to their profession. We, as professional private investigators, work consistently with attorneys; who have to be licensed and vetted, insurance companies; who have to be licensed and vetted, judges; who have to be licensed and vetted, police; who have to be licensed and vetted, and many other sin the industry of private investigation in Greeley and elsewhere throughout Colorado that have to be licensed and vetted.

SB 13-259 had morphed from a mandatory licensing program to a PI registration program in the Senate. Passing through all of the committees and the full Senate, many individuals worked on the compromises necessary to ensure that the consumer would be protected. At this time, Colorado still has a mandatory license program. The future of this program is uncertain. I still carry that license, even if at a hefty monetary price. I believe the fact that the now 90+ detectives that have gotten licensed does afford the consumer some protections.

I urge all individuals looking to hire a PI in Greeley, or any where Colorado, to ensure their PI is licensed and insured. I encourage all PI’s in this great state to join in on the licensing program to help ensure we have it in the future, and to show that you are a professional, willing, to bear the costs, that it takes to protect our industries consumers.

You can follow this link to get to Dora’s full list of licensed professional private investigators in Colorado.

Just scroll down to Private Investigators, then check the box and scroll to the bottom to continue then you can choose your method to view, excel, csv, etc. And please remember. If a PI in Colorado says they are licensed, they MUST carry a Colorado license by law. If they have a license in another state, which many are very easy to get, but not in Colorado they may have never gone through an FBI screening, a CBI screening or even finger printing.


~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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