Colorado Private Investgiators Licensing NOW MANDATORY!

Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 14-133 into law. on Friday,June 6, 2014.   This new law brings mandatory licensing to the State of Colorado.

The Colorado PI Licensing Law creates a mandatory requirement that every individual, who is conducting private investigations within the state of Colorado,  must obtain a PI license with a compliance date June 1, 2015.

This affects ALL individuals who conduct and form of work considered to be in the realm of private investigations, regardless of whether their practice is full time or part time. The law also affects individuals who primarily work in other areas but occasionally offer investigative services to their clients.

What Colorado Private Investigators Licensing does….

1. ALL Private Detectives will be required to submit to pass a fingerprint based background check

2. ALL PI’s will be required to pass a jurisprudence examination concerning the laws of  private investigations

3. ALL Private Investigators will obtain a surety bond

This new law brings about consumer protections, that have been missing in Colorado fro many years, back into the realm and establishes the industry of Private Investigations and Detectives as a recognized and responsible profession. There will now be a regulation ensuring that not just anyone can work in the industry, not just anyone can call them self a PI and those unscrupulous wanna be PI’s that have been ran out of other states won’t be able to prey on the innocent clients in Colorado any longer without repercussion.

I applaud the efforts of the PPIAC (Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado) In their unyielding efforts to bring PI licensing back to the great state of Colorado since the repeal of licensing in the 70s. The Professionals in this great organization have shown what it means to be a PI (Professional Investigator) and unselfishly protect the industry they are so proud to work in.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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