City hires PI…… Iranian Investigator in L.A. and Private Investigator spoke to about missing person!

City hires Private Investigator for Internal Investigation

For the second time in the past year, Monroeville has hired a private investigator to conduct an internal probe of the municipality’s turbulent affairs.

Interim Manager Timothy Little on Wednesday confirmed the existence of a broad and comprehensive investigation that will address, among other issues, recent personnel upheaval that involved his predecessor, the current police chief and several 911 dispatchers who were fired.

“We just want to get to the truth of what occurred here, that’s all,” Mr. Little said.

CSI Western PA is conducting the investigation. Its managing director, Joe Bellissimo, declined comment, citing client confidentiality and the ongoing nature of his work.

Several municipal officials interviewed Wednesday — including Mr. Little — refused to disclose the investigation’s cost, specifics about its scope, exactly when CSI was hired or even how it was retained.

Mr. Little was evasive when asked in what forum council made the decision to retain CSI. Despite the fact that the firm has been working for several weeks, Mr. Little said the “actual ratification” of its hiring will occur Tuesday at a council meeting.

Councilwoman Linda Gaydos said the hiring decision was made in an executive session, although Councilman Tom Wilson said that was not the case.

“I would think it was discussed in executive session but it would have to be voted in public for it to be legal,” Mr. Wilson said. But, he added, “There was no public discussion whatsoever.”

Solicitor Bruce Dice could not be reached for comment.

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Family speaks with private detective about a missing relative….

Kansas City police say they’re working new leads in the disappearance of John Parkhurst, who has been missing since last June. His mother contacted a private investigator, concerned she says that her son’s disappearance would turn into a cold case. Police call this case an active missing person’s investigation.

But the Parkhurst family already fears the worst.

As the family waits for closure, a private investigator claims to have uncovered some gruesome details surrounding Parkhurst’s disappearance. His mother and sister are desperately trying to figure out whatever happened to the 44-year-old.

“The last time I saw John was June 10. We had coffee. He put his arms around me and he said, ‘you’re a good mom,’ and I said, ‘I know, John,’”Jacqui LaForte, Parkhurst’s mother, said.

Every week Dawn Parkhurst hits the block where her brother was last seen, putting up fliers and asking questions.

“At every business, at every hotel down 40 Highway, at every grocery store,” Dawn said.

It’s been close to a year since he disappeared and with no answers, his mother hired a private investigator who told FOX 4 he’s learned that there was lots of blood found in the room where he was last seen.

Also, witnesses say he was found up the street at a Deluxe Inn and not at the Budget Inn where his car was found.

“They saw him leaving this hotel on foot, without his shoes on, and they never saw him again,” Dawn said.

Both Jacqui and Dawn fear that John is already dead and they believe some of his acquaintances know where his body was dumped.

“I know that you know what happened to him, so please just call me. You have my number,” said Jacqui.

“If someone would just come forward anonymously, it would put my mother at peace,” said Dawn.

Bringing John home is what the mother and daughter plan to do, no matter what it takes.

“I won’t stop. I will not stop,” said Jacqui

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Private Investigator Cracking L.A.’s cases for Iranian community….

An Iranian man parks his car in a guest spot behind his apartment. He heads inside the building and comes back out about an hour later to walk the dog.

Across the street, parked in a rental car, private investigator Sam Nassrouie tucks away his surveillance gear — a camera pen and a hidden tape recorder that looks like an MP3 player — and retrieves his cellphone.

“Your husband doesn’t seem to be cheating on you,” Nassrouie reassures his client, an Iranian woman, over the phone. “I followed him — he went straight home from work and only left to walk your dog.”

The client, confused, tells the PI: “But … we don’t have a dog.”

Moments later, Nassrouie hears loud profanities in Farsi coming from the apartment building. His client had figured it out: Her husband was cheating on her — with their neighbor. Nassrouie had spotted him walking the neighbor’s dog.

With jobs as varied as solving infidelity cases and conducting background checks, Nassrouie, 62, has spent 15 years as the go-to private investigator for L.A.’s Iranian community.

From Tehran to L.A.

As a child, Nassrouie said his parents would call him fozool, or overly curious. Even at Persian parties, called mehmoonies, Nassrouie said he was always “snooping.”

“I always saw things people didn’t notice,” he said. “I would ask, ‘Why is this here?'”

He also tuned into the radio show “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar,” about the adventures of a freelance insurance investigator.

“In Iran, the idea of a private investigator didn’t really exist,” he said. “But I was drawn to it because it seemed challenging and rewarding.”

After graduating from high school in Tehran, Nassrouie hoped to become a pilot or a homicide detective.

Instead, he served several years in the Iranian military before moving to New York to live with his brother.

He eventually moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s, working at an auto repossessing company while taking criminology classes.

While taking classes, he sought real-life experience, and spent hours shadowing other investigators until he got his own license to practice in 1999.

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