Bottom line what does a Colorado Private Investigator cost?

So we are now back to the question, How much is it going to cost? Well, that all depends on what needs to be done. I like to tell the story of a lady who called and wanted to hire a Colorado private investigator to perform surveillance on her husband as she was filing for divorce and he was cheating and she wanted to get custody of the kids and a fair alimony check. She had already caught him in photos and had retained an attorney. She knew when he would meet his girlfriend, where and for how long. She had all the details the investigator needed. This was a perfect case. After providing the investigator with the information he was able to gain all of the evidence the attorney needed in two short evenings utilizing only a few hours each evening.

Yes that example was a perfect case scenario, and the client got exactly what she needed in short order and with lower costs. But most cases are not like that. An average Domestic case may take 3-4 late days at 6-8 hours each day, plus report time, video editing, background checks, social network searches, etc. So the hours may be in the range of 40+ hours and expenses. An injury case typically is in the range of 16-32 field hours plus drive time, background checks, mileage and expenses.

A typical PI firm charges anywhere from $75 – $95 depending on the situation and the case. A lot depends on what information the client can provide. A “Perfect Case” scenario like the one discussed prior might cost as little as $600-$900 where a typical case at the same rate may be in the $2,000.00 – $4,000.00 range. Many times the cost may be set on what the client can afford. In a case where a client can only afford say $600.00 and the fees start at $75.00 an hour this allows for around 5 hours surveillance at $375 which might only cover one partial day and the remainder going towards mileage, expenses, criminal background checks, and incidentals. But remember, when you lower a good investigators potential hours you short-change yourself on the results of the end product they can provide for you.

At EVCO Investigations we try to cater each case to get the maximum potential for success for our client. If we believe we can do this in three 6 hour days we will quote it at that level plus mileage and expenses. We don’t add extra hours for the “just in case” scenarios or just to stick it to a client at the end of the day. If we use 8 of those hours and have gained enough evidence we will put the case on hold and consult with you, our client, and show you where we are and let you decide whether you want to continue.

We, as Greeley and Colorado Private Investigators, look out for your best interests. If we are gaining evidence contrary to what the anticipated outcome was going to be we will present that to you as well so you can make the decision to continue or not. We have seen cases in the past where one spouse thought the other was cheating but we found evidence contrary to that in a short period of time. Rather than risk the relationship any further we allow the client to make the proper decision to continue or terminate the case.

As well we look out for your costs. We understand that in today’s economy money doesn’t flow freely and everyone has to watch their budget. We won’t over extend your expenses past your retainer by more than 10% without your express permission.

We hope this information has aided you in deciding if you should hire a Colorado private investigator and how to hire a PI when you come to that decision. We know there are literally hundred of choices out there for you to pick from. If we aren’t the best match for you we will be the first ones to tell you. After all, our best customers are our Happy Customers.

~ John L. Morris

A Northern Colorado, licensed and insured, Greeley Private Investigator

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